7 Digital products You Can Make In a Weekend

It's easier than you think!

1.) How-To Video series

If you’re a fan of Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat stories or going live, then a video series might be a great choice for you. There are a ton of great products that I’ve purchased that is a small series videos with the author simply speaking to the camera for a few minutes at a time (3-10 minutes). Share one action item in each video and your customers will get the clarity, motivations, and instruction they desire.

2.) Audio series

If you enjoy the spoken word and if your audience is active, out-and-about then an audio series could be a great option. You can write it ahead of time or share content form posts and if you can capture it so it doesn't need too much editing, you can easily have the series ready by Monday!

3.) Worksheets / Workbook

Guiding your audience through a process is a great way to add value and impact lives.  This can be done with a PDF, a spreadsheet, or any other document that leads the reader from step to step helping them plan, decide, or accomplish something like creating a budget, planning meals, or identifying their ideal client.

4.) Templates

Templates help people get started and can be printable templates, email templates, design templates, spreadsheets, or something different entirely. Can create a template for that will save your audience time?  Downloadable text files for email, or headlines for ads?  Maybe you can create a spreadsheet that will help someone plan or track their progress.  The options are virtually limitless!

5.) Tutorials or Courses

People learn in 3 main ways: Seeing, Hearing, or Doing.  (Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic).  This could be videos, or step-by-step guides, or even audio!  People everywhere will pay for results and all you have to do is show them how to get the result they desire.

6.) Challenge

Like the old saying - a Goal is just a Dream with a Deadline.  This is one of my favorite ways to help my people take action and get the result they desire. Most people are better at being accountable when you give them a challenge and a deadline. Challenges can be delivered in the form of emails, videos, or access to lessons via membership site.  Remember to help your participants stay focused and if you really want to make an impact by practicing daily.

7.) An Offer (Kit)

Last but not least is a combination of these options.  What about increasing the prices and turning it into a kit or a full collection? You could combine a tutorial with downloadable worksheets, a challenge with templates, a PDF guide/workbook with audio files, or (d) all of the above!  The better results your audience gets, the easier it will be to grow!

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