6 Steps on How to hand off a turnkey PaidToday business to a Client

Create and hand off a turnkey business on PaidToday

Step 1: Gather Info

Collect the necessary basic info about the business to propagate the meaningful information for the business on the Marketplace and website

  • Name
  • Logo
  • URL
  • About (Hours, Location, Mission Statement, About, Area of Coverage)
  • List of Services
  • Portfolio

Step 2: Create Account

Create the user account of the owner or admin. This can be done a few different ways:

  1. Create the user account with a whole new email address, and include the email login credentials to the client when you hand off the PaidToday account with the created business
  2. Create the business with your user account
  3. In the case that the client is a close and trusted friend, you can coordinate with them to use their email

Step 3: Create Business

Use the Create Business button the navigation sidebar on the left once you're signed in. This will launch the Create Business Wizard to help you select the correct plan and initialize the business on PaidToday.

If your card was used in the business creation wizard: you add the client to the team and have them remove you after the hand off is complete. Also have them update their PaidToday subscription account details and swap to their card. Additionally you can invoice them for reimbursement for the initial charge.

Step 4: Fill Out Business Info

Use the information gathered in Step 1 to fill out the information on the business settings page. Be as thorough as you can. Some of the information you may not be able to fill out right at this moment, such as their Stripe account for example. You can always come back and edit or update this information.

Step 5: Create Landing Page or Full Website (Optional)

Now that the business is created, a landing page, website, or collection of webpages can be created using the Page Builder found at the bottom of the business settings page. Make sure to include one of the varieties of the Contact Us form on a page (or all of them!) so that inquiring prospects are automatically added to the business's Contacts.

While creating a website through the PaidToday Web Builder is not a critical step that keeps a business from succeeding, it does allow the business to easily and automatically capture any new prospects who may be in need of your products or services.

Step 6: Hand-Off

Hand off the fully configured business to your client:

This can be accomplished a few different ways. If your client has given you his or her that was used to register the user and create the business, then you'll just send over the login credentials to your client. If you were able to have your client create the company on their own login, you'll want to make sure that they remove you as a team member as long as you're not going to stay on and help or fully manage their business on PaidToday.

At this juncture, your client has a fully functioning responsive and updated website with integrated contact form, an exclusive marketplace listing on the PaidToday platform where new customers can also find their business, and all the infrastructure, informational, and educational benefits of a PaidToday subscription. You also have the option to stay on with their business as a PaidToday Consultant, if that is a service that they wish to procure from you and your business.