Point your own domain at Paid Today servers so your web pages will be live.

Step 1: Join Cloudflare (FREE)

Create a FREE Cloudflare account by visiting:

Cloudflare is a service provider for content delivery, DDoS mitigation, internet security, and domain name servers.  Primarily for your website Cloudflare will offer easy automated security tools and routing services.

Step 2: Update Nameservers to use Cloudflare

Update your domain's Nameservers - visit this link for help:

Nameservers are a critical part of any proper website.  They are part of the DNS system that allows an IP address to convert to a human-interpreted web address.

Step 3: Update DNS to point to Paid Today.

In your Cloudflare account, update your DNS entries to point to

If you are using Paid Today as your primary web page, then you may want to add records for "www" and "@" in the Cloudflare Console.