How to Integrate Wistia

Easily use your Wistia account to 


1. Go to and create your account

Simply choose the plan that fits your needs

2. In Wistia create a project and upload all your videos you wish to use

Upload all your videos you wish to use to the project

3. In Wistia open your account settings and click API access

This will pop up your api key

4. Copy your api key we will need it for a later step

Copy your api key or keep this page open to refer back to it when needed

5. Inside PaidToday click on the the business tab on the left side bar and then open the integrations tab 

This will open your integrations

6. Click the add integration button

Then select wistia from the options

7. Choose Wistia from the options

Simply click the button below the wistia logo

8. Paste your Wistia api key we copied from (step 4) and click ok

Enter your wistia api key on the input

9. Open up the course builder and use your Wistia videos for the lessons

Open courses on the left sidebar and edit a course or create a new one.

10. Select a lesson to edit and click the wistia button to set the lesson video

Choose the wistia button on the lesson video url input

11. In the pop up select the project that has the videos you wish to choose from

Click on your first project to open up your video selection

12. Select the video and click ok

Choose the video you want for this lesson

13. That's it you are now using your Wistia videos for your course lessons

You can see the lesson video is now your Wistia hosted video.